Virtual Romsey will give you the opportunity to take a stroll around the town from the comfort of your computer screen. 

What you can see here is an experiment to see if the project is feasible and at the moment it just includes a short walk around the Abbey area but eventually it should include much more of our wonderful town.  At each point in the walk you will be presented with a picture of where you are, a short description (on this try out, very short indeed!), and some buttons to decide where to go next. You will usually be able turn around and go the other way but this may involve a change of camera position so that the salient points can be included in the picture.

When the page is on the screen be sure to scroll down to read everything (sometimes not all the text is visible).
Please let me know any comments or suggestions, my name is Alan Clark and my Email address is:

Enjoy your walk, click on the map to start. Map